The SAMOKISH brand began its journey as a cherished hobby of a young designer Kateryna Samokish in 2010.

Being a student, the designer made her first jewelry pieces for herself from all available materials she had at home like plastic beads, etc. From the very beginning people found her jewelry works unique and very different to what they could buy at that time. Then first orders came and Kateryna began developing her hobby while she was still a student.

The idea to drastically change her life from law to art did not arise out of nowhere. In fact, the whole family of Kateryna Samokish are art representatives. Her grandfather Nikolai Samokish was a famous artist, whose pictures are kept in museums as well as private exclusive collections. Her grandmother – pianist, mother – actress and her father used to be a deputy head manager of L.Ukrainka, National Drama Theatre.

A few years ago Kateryna Samokish left her successful legal practice to pursue her passion and started creating unique jewelry pieces from distinct Italian chains, semi-precious stones and rhinestones. Today Samokish is already famous and well-established brand with a team of professionals, its own strategy, plans and ambitious goals.

These days SAMOKISH brand is confidently conquering Ukrainian market and not planning to stop at this. The plans are to enter the international market so that the whole world knows about the Ukrainian jewelry brand, which is proud of its origin, philosophy and values.

Today Kateryna Basovskaya is also a teacher at the European School of Design. She dedicates a lot of her time to teaching young students the art of jewelry creation.


SAMOKISH today is a jewelry production company with European quality and Ukrainian soul.

Katerina Basovskaya, the granddaughter of the famous Ukrainian artist Nikolai Samokish, continues the family tradition and creates every jewelry product as a piece of art with great love and attention to every detail.

SAMOKISH is a professional team of like-minded people which create original handmade jewelry.

The products are distinguished by the creator’s unique technique and style as well as impeccable design and high quality materials.

In our products we combine natural stones and Italian chains of different textures and sizes.

SAMOKISH is not just simple jewelry. This is the embodiment of true femininity, elegance, freedom, inner strength and beauty.


The simple philosophy of SAMOKISH is to help a woman emphasize her personality. We do not dictate style and fashion, we only help each and every one to accentuate her true beauty and create her own style.

Once we have challenged global trends in the fashion industry that called to abandon a woman’s identity and we found support from thousands of those, who love their originality and are not afraid to experiment with their style.


The style of SAMOKISH is recognizable due to the combination of natural stones of incredible beauty and Italian chains with anti-allergenic nickel-free coating that are also produced for the leading Italian fashion houses (Furla, Giuseppe Zanotti, Dsquared2).

We use semi-precious stones, such as agates, amethysts, quartz, jasper, pearls and others. In wild nature two absolutely identical natural stones do not exist. Each stone is unique and unrepeatable. Every stone is carefully hand-selected by the designer Kateryna Basovskaya, and that’s why their beauty and versatility fascinate.

Every year SAMOKISH brand develops several seasonal and limited collections, as well as exclusive custom-made jewelry.

The most recognizable jewelry of SAMOKISH is a necklace created by a combination of various chains with large massive stones. Every collection includes this type of necklace but with a new shape and color.

SAMOKISH jewelry is produced in quite a limited quantity, It is definitely not intended to be mass produced. That’s why every piece stays authentic and carries an individual approach with its own soul.

The distinctive feature of the collections is the lack of a binding to seasonality. All products stay relevant regardless to the collection and the time period of its release. Therefore, we do not have seasonal sales, we have special offers limited in time as bonuses for our customers.


Our clients are strong and confident women. They are self-sufficient with an internal core. They know who they are and what they aspire to. They have goals, desires and dreams.

Our jewelry is worn by celebrities like show business stars, chief editors, TV presenters, influential and famous women from numerous walks of life and business.


We collaborate with the most famous Ukrainian designers during the Ukrainian Fashion Weeks: PODOLYAN, IrynaDil, ELENAREVA, Couture by Fleur et al.


We constantly work with Cosmopolitan, She, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Pink, Viva, Styleinsider et al.

For the first time in the history of Bijorhca trade show Ukrainian jewelry was selected in the amount of 5 items. There was also a publication in a high-end French magazine.